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Course Information Sheets

Forklift HRWL (3 Day) Info Sheet

Forklift HRWL (Logbook) Info Sheet

On-site Forklift Training Requirements

EWP Boom 11M+ HRWL (3 Day) Info Sheet

EWP Boom 11M+ HRWL (Logbook) Info Sheet

EWP Yellow Card Info Sheet

On-site EWP Training Requirements

Telehandler Gold Card Info Sheet

On-site Telehandler Training Requirements

Work Safely at Heights Info Sheet

Confined Spaces – Basic (1 day) Info Sheet

Confined Spaces – Advanced Worker (2 day) Info Sheet

VOC (Verification of Competency) Info Sheet

WHS Consultancy Info Sheet

Workplace Training Info Sheet

On-Site Venue Requirements Information Sheets

On-site VOC Venue Requirements Info Sheet

On Site Training Venue Requirements Info Sheet

EWPA & TSHA Information Sheets

EWPA Yellow Card Under 18 Info Sheet

TSHA Telehandler Licensing Training Requirements 2018

EWPA Licensing Matrix for EWPs in Australia July 2018

EWPA Old and New Yellow Card Program Clarification December 2018

EWPA Why do I need a Yellow Card 2018

TSHA Why do I need a Gold Card version 2018

Unique Student Indentifier Information

Creating your USI fact sheet

Have you got your USI info sheet

Forgotten USI fact sheet

WHS Act & Regulations

WHS Regs 2011

WHS Act 2011

Codes of Practice

Hazardous manual tasks 2011 COP (Updated July 2018)

Managing risks falls workplaces COP (2018)

Excavation work 2013 COP (Updated July 2018)

Confined spaces 2011 COP (Updated July 2018)

Manage WHS risks 2011 COP (Updated July 2018)

Managing risks of plant 2013 COP (Updated July 2018)

Scaffolding 2009 COP (Updated July 2018)

Managing noise and preventing hearing loss at work 2011 COP (Updated July 2018)

How to manage and control asbestos in the workplace 2011 COP (Updated July 2018)

Mobile crane 2006 COP (Updated July 2018)

Demolition work 2013 COP (Updated July 2018)

Rural plant 2004 COP (Updated July 2018)

First aid in the workplace 2014 COP (Updated July 2018)

Working near overhead and underground electric lines 2010 COP (Updated Jan 2014)