On-Site Verification of Competency Assessment


1.5 to 2 hours per machine, per person (varies with the type of equipment being assessed)

We can assess a single operator or schedule assessments for a whole workforce.

Why do this Verification of Competency course?

Just having a “ticket” or a “licence” for a class of equipment or work task does not mean a worker is competent.

WH&S legislation requires that operators of plant and equipment are competent to do so.

A VOC (Verification of Competency) will provide written evidence that an operator has demonstrated the required standard of knowledge and skills to safely and competently operate a particular type of equipment.

Assessments are generally derived from relevant Units of Competency, Codes of Practice, National Standards, Industry Best Practice, and OEM Operator Manuals.

How much does it cost?

The cost of a VOC assessment includes written and verbal questions as well as a thorough practical operation assessment.

All aspects of an assessment are recorded as evidence of competency is gathered.

Use the COURSE ENQUIRY form to get more information and details of current pricing.

Pre-requisites for VOC assessment

A “VOC” is a formal assessment and not training. It is expected that the worker:

  • Is able to read and converse in English (without an interpreter or phone translator app.)
  • Can provide suitable photographic proof of Identity – which will be copied for our records
  • Can provide evidence of current or past courses of study, qualifications, licences, or operator tickets for the type of machine or work task being assessed
  • Holds a current High Risk Work Licence for the class of equipment or work task (if it is required by law)
  • Can verify that they have sufficient experience operating the type of machine or performing the work task by way of work diaries, log book, letter of reference from supervisor / employer
  • Is fit for duty. They must not be under the influence of Drugs, Alcohol or other substance, nor be suffering from any condition or circumstance that may make the operation of machinery, or performing a work task unsafe for themselves or others.

*At all times our Assessors reserve the right to stop an assessment, or exclude individuals that they believe beyond reasonable doubt, don’t meet the pre-requisites listed above. No refund of fees is available in this case.


Site Safety Services specialise in on-site workplace training. We come to your workplace in Brisbane, Ipswich, Logan, Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast, Darling Downs or beyond and conduct assessments using your equipment in a familiar environment. Click to view the On-site VOC Assessment Requirements info sheet.

By arrangement we can provide a venue and machinery to conduct VOC assessments when the on-site option doesn’t suit. Contact us to see how we can make it work for you.


Candidates that are deemed to be Competent will be issued with:

  • A Verification of Competency Certificate**
  • A durable plastic photo ID VOC card with a traceable identifier number.

** This is not a RTO issued “Certificate”. Contact us if you specifically require a RTO endorsed VOC assessment. Extra charges and processing time may apply.

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