On-Site Safety Training

New and refresher courses for your workforce – minimise downtime and lost-time injuries!

Keeping workers informed

Workers need to be kept informed in matters relating to their safety, receive training and supervision as well as be competent to perform the tasks expected of them. Site Safety Services can help you work towards a trained, competent workforce that will work more efficiently and incur less downtime and lost time injuries.

A workplace accident can be the start of a very costly and time consuming process of medical treatment and rehabilitation, and if the employer has been remiss in his Duty of Care and responsibilities under the WHS Act and appropriate legislation, the injury is just the start of the pain! Employers can be heavily fined or imprisoned if their omissions are seen to have contributed to the accident and any injuries.

Keeping workers trained

Site Safety Services can conduct “refresher” training at your workplace for any number of workers.We can work in with your schedule to train your existing workers. It is just as important to conduct “Refresher” training for your more seasoned workers as it is to fully train new staff. Old habits and familiarity with a task or piece of equipment can become a problem when it comes to safety in the workplace. After all, it’s generally the seasoned workers that get to supervise the new guys….. Why start teaching bad habits from day one?

It is recommended that workers receive “Refresher” training annually, and are formally assessed for competence every two (2) years.  More on Verification of Competency (VOC) here.  “Refresher” training is regularly conducted at the workplace, using the equipment your workers use on a daily basis. Typically the training will run for a half day or more and will include theory and practical components such as;

  • Duty of care and WHS
  • Take 5, Job Safety Analysis, SOP etc including Hazard identification and Risk Control
  • Equipment pre-start inspection and recording
  • Faults. Tag-out, Isolate, Report, Record in log book
  • Operational checks and workplace awareness
  • Safe operation of the equipment including proper shut down and post-operational checks
  • Clean-up and storage of equipment

We regularly conduct “refresher” training for our clients in these areas:

  • Safe use of Forklifts
  • Safe use of Skid Steer loader
  • Safe use of Front End loader
  • Safe use of EWP (boom lift, scissor lift, vertical lift, trailer lift)
  • Safe use of Boom Lift 11M+ (Operator required to hold a current High Risk Work Licence – WP)
  • Safe use of Overhead Crane
  • Safe use of Lifting gear (Chain and webbing slings etc) Conditions apply.
  • Safe use of Telehandler
  • Safe use of Vehicle loading crane (Crane rating up to 10Metre Tonne)
  • Work Safely at Heights
  • Enter Confined Spaces
  • Safe use of Hand & Power Tools


Employers receive formal notification of worker attendance and topics covered during the training session.

Employees receive a “Statement of Attendance” which includes the date and type of training undertaken.

WHS Statement of Attendance