Height Safety Equipment Inspection

Let us take care of your Height Safety Equipment Inspections & tagging

Site Safety Services is qualified and experienced to take care of your periodic Height Safety equipment inspections, tagging and reporting.

If you have any of this gear at your workplace, or it is being used by your workers, then you need to be aware that there are requirements regarding the proper inspection and reporting for these items:-

  • Fall arrest harnesses
  • Fall arrest lanyards
  • Type 1, 2 or 3 fall arrestors (webbing or cable)
  • Attachment slings and tie-off adaptors
  • Temporary Horizontal lifelines
  • Permanent lifelines
  • Rescue Tripods or davits
  • Rescue winches
  • Rope positioning devices and haul kits (block & tackle rescue kits)
  • Carabiners, maillons or other connectors

One stop inspection, tagging & scheduled servicing for all of your height safety gear

No matter what brand of equipment you are using, we can take care of the periodic inspections, tagging, servicing and replacement of faulty or damaged equipment.

We come to your workplace or site to save you time and effort.

Durable colour coded tagging for easy recognition of in-service equipment

We only use quality colour coded “JTagz” to indicate Next Inspection Due dates.

We can also attach numbered “Inventory” tags to unmarked items in order to accurately identify each piece during future inspections.

Electronic records tracking & availability of all service and inspection records

All of your gear will be photographed and every detail of each piece will be recorded in our secure database.

You will have access to your electronic records to make safety equipment inventory or reporting a snap.

We come to your workplace or site to save you time and effort.