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Workplace Health & Safety Consultancy


From 2 hours to ongoing.

We customise consultancy services to suit your business and budget.

Why do I need a WHS consultant?

We can help you understand your obligations and Duty of Care under the Work Health & Safety Act.

From a simple, pre-use checklist for one piece of machinery to a full Safety Management Plan for your whole business, we can help.

Ensure your business understands its WHS obligations and complies with the WHS Act and Regulations.

Get a PDF copy of the WHS Act 2011 in our website “Downloads” section.

How much does it cost?

WHS consultancy services are normally charged at a flat “hourly rate” (minimum 2 hours).

We will always try and tailor our services to meet the requirements of your business, whilst striving to provide great value for money.

Contact us today to arrange a free, no-obligation initial consultation.

What sorts of things do you advise us on?

From helping you get simple record keeping processes in place to configuring a training needs analysis for your workers, we’ll start with the basics and work from there. Start your journey towards compliance today.

You decide on the scope of work, and instruct us as you see fit.


Site Safety Services will arrange an initial free consultation.

Following that, it is generally accepted that we work with your staff in your workplace from time to time as it makes the checking of systems and records easier, and therefore more cost effective.